Everything Nails


  • Regular Manicure
    Therapeutic softening soak. File/Shape. Cuticle Trim/Care. Hand massage. Topped off with Your choice of Regular Nail Polish
  • Gel Manicure (NO REMOVAL)
    If you currently have on NO GEL POLISH OR AN ENHANCEMENT book this service
  • Gel Manicure (WITH REMOVAL)
    If you already have on gel polish and it needs to be removed please make sure to book this service and add on Product removal
    Need more strength? Then hard gel is what your looking for Soft gels = can be removed by soaking in acetone Hard gels= can’t be removed by soaking in acetone (this will be drilled off in a safe manner)
  • 2 Week Fill
    Overlays require Routine maintenance every 2 weeks even if your nails still look good and you think you have no lifting of you choose to book every 3 weeks please book the 3-4 week fill and not this one
  • Gel X Extra Short
    Gel Extension applied using a soft gel the Nails come in a variety or shapes and lengths giving you a 2 week wear and the same durability as acrylic and can be removed easily with fast foils Service includes regular polish Gel polish is an additional $10
  • Gel X Medium
    Gel Extension applied using a soft gel the Nails come in a variety or shapes and lengths giving you a 2 week wear and the same durability as acrylic and can be removed easily with fast foils
  • Gel X Long
    Super fast Gel Extension applied using a soft gel the Nails come in a variety or shapes and lengths giving you a 2 week wear and the same durability as acrylic and can be removed easily with fast foils does not include gel polish
  • Gel Nail Repair
    $5 per nail . If you have a cracked or split nail that needs to be repaired please make sure you add this to your service (more than 3 repairs is a new set) if you have 3 or more nails that need to be repaired please just book a new set
  • Extended Massage
    Had a long week ? Then add me on to any service
  • White French Tips
    Classic French White Tips . Must be added to your service . Must have a little bit of length to your nails . If you do not add French tips at the time of booking your service you will not be able to get it at the time of your appointment NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Matte Top Coat
    Matte top coat is not a traditional top coat . This top coat takes the shine away and makes your nails matte . Please add this on to your service if you want your nails to be matte and not shiny
  • 10 Nail Designs
    10 nail designs per finger This is a design on each nail price starts at $50 and price changes depending on the complexity and timing of the designs Please send a picture by via email a week prior to your scheduled appointment so I can give you exact total
  • Gel X Class
    1 on 1 Gel X training What you will learn : proper prep, sizing, designs, quick removal, fills etc Kit is not included!! If you want a kit please reach out 1 month in advance shipping is taking longer than usual Kit $200 you will be provided with the exact products I use No refunds
  • Gel Manicure Class
    In this 1 on 1 class you will learn the secrets to a long lasting gel manicure Tips and tricks and everything you need to keep your clients happy
  • 3-4 Week Fill
    Fills are required EVERY 2 weeks. Anything past 2 weeks is basically a new set, more work and time why ? Well before doing any fill any product that has lifted has to be removed and remaining product smoothed out before being reapplied this then becomes a 2hr + service
  • ABS Crystals
    These crystals are a grade below Swaroski crystals still have quality shine and sparkle
  • Basic Pedicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Gel Pedicure
  • Chrome (Full Set)
  • Cut Down & Reshape
    If you want your nails cut down and reshaped please add this service to your appointment . If this is not added to your regular service and you want a cut down and reshape if time allows it will be added to your service before checking out
  • Freestyle Gel Mani
    Artist has full control to create hand drawn nail art on each finger
  • Gel X Short
  • Glitter
    Loose glitter applied on top of your nails and then encapsulated please add this in addition to your regular service
  • Hand Painted Design Gel
    Hand painted designs using gel . If you have a picture of a certain design please send it to me before your scheduled appointment . Price depends on the design and time the price is also per nail
  • Hard Gel Class
    Want to learn hard gel ? $200 1 hour class $100 non refundable deposit 1 reschedule allowed ~ Natural nail prep, applying gel polish, removing the product ~ Practice with product on a tip ~ Sculpting: creating a nail, sculpting free edge of the nail, apex, cuticle area No refunds
  • Intricate French Nail Art
    Hand draw nail art pricing starts at $4 depending on the details of the design $4-5 if it’s detailed French Please note this price is PER NAIL
  • Kid Manicure
  • Marble/Ombre
  • Multiple Color French Tips
    If you want a different color French tip applied to your nails then add this on to your regular service French tips is a design and is NOT included with your regular service
  • Nail Consultation
    Have questions? Want to know what’s best for you ? Don’t know the difference in services ? Then book this consultation in the notes PLEASE INCLUDE FULL NAME, PHONE, AND EMAIL
  • Product Removal
    Removal is a separate charge and must be added on to the service you book prior to your appointment….This is removal of gel polish,hard gel,soft gel that was not done by me this does not include acrylic removal that is $20 (I don’t work over other techs work)
  • Hard Gel Sculpted Full Set
    Liquid gel (hard gel) full set applied with forms NO TIPS used includes 1 color NO NAIL ART INCLUDED
  • Stickers/Foil
    Stickers or foils applied directly to your nails and sealed (price is per nail)
  • Swarovski Crystals
    Full coverage nail and detailed bling design starts at $7-10 per nail
  • Detailed Bling Design
    Distinct designs using beading and crystals . Price is per nail and varies depending on complexity .
  • Gel Polish Change
    Polish change DO NOT include cuticle care, shaping, and cut down….. that is an additional $10 . . Polish change is taking off the polish you currently have on and re-polish with your choice of color . If I have not provided you with a pedicure please do not book this service
  • Mens Gel Manicure
    This is for New clients only who will be serviced on Mondays only the $25 must be paid in advance and includes a dry manicure (The price do not include any removal of existing product on your nails, reshaping your nails, or nail art ) if you want these services added on please reach out to me